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How I Met Your Mother - Episode 4.07 - Jeremy's Sock - Casting Call

Enchanted by a baby's tiny sock, Marshall and Lily contemplate having a baby, while Barney initiates a new holiday -- "Not a Father's Day"...

Marshall's boss, this gruff executive in his 50s tells the dismayed Marshall that their scheduled "breakfast meeting" is actually on Chinese time, which is later tonight. When Marshall's subsequent presentation takes a bizarre turn, Nolan takes the incident surprisingly in stride...GUEST STAR (16)

Lily's friend, she's the mother of an adorable baby. On a visit to Lily and Marshall's placed, Charlotte seems absolutely enchanted by her child. However, when we listen more closely, we understand that she's actually in new mommy shock, and is going stir crazy from not having spoken to an adult in months. Later, when Lily visits her, Charlotte is seen amidst the chaos of her apartment, covered in baby food.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (9)

This cute waitress reacts to Ted's feeble joke...1 speech, 1 scene (25)

Ted's cousin, this young mother hands off her baby to the admiring Robin -- who isn't as admiring as she initially appears...1 line, 1 scene (28)

[MR. LI]
This Chinese executive, who is listening to Marshall's presentation via teleconference, is a bit taken aback by Marshall's bizarre outburst...1 line, 1 scene (38)

This super-nerdy guy in a cape, who lives with his mother, is disappointed when Barney pulls the plug on the "Not a Father's Day" celebration...1 line, 1 scene (52)

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