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Life - Episode 2.04 - Casting Notice

Male, 40’s to early 60’s, Caucasian. A University professor who has created a social experiment where students are randomly assigned to be either prisoners or convicts in a mock prison scenario. Hathaway is incredibly smart and charismatic. He is an academic who plays his cards very close to the vest…it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking or just how involved he is in the incidents that took place and whether or not he’s enjoying it all. ALSO PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES. GUEST STAR.

male, mid –late 30’s. The first time we see the Detective, he is drunk and crying and is being dragged into the precinct for discharging his weapon without cause. He’s a bit of an emotional sad-sack whose first wife is leaving him and he is totally falling apart at the seams. NICE 1-DAY GUEST STAR.

[ TATE ]
male, early 20’s, Caucasian is an articulate, arty, sensitive guy who was a poetry major before the experiment. He wants to be included with the cooler frat guys, but clearly he is not. He takes a more aggressive, smart ass role once the prison experiment begins in order to fit in and likes the attention that it brings. Could be a suspect, though he did seem to like the victim more than the others. sptv050769 GUEST STAR.

[ WILL ]
male, early 20’s, sweet faced emo nerd who was a chemistry major before entering the prison experiment. He gets picked on over and over by the guards, but seems to want to get on their bad side. He instigates and even martyrs himself to get punished for things other inmates did to prove a point. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. GUEST STAR.

female, early 20’s, a big girl, and a little piercing. She was a lot softer before the experiment started, and the authority position has toughened her. She is sorry things got so terribly out of hand and shows us glimpses of the sweet, shy girl she was before this started. She is clearly a bit unnerved (she’s a smoker) by all that’s happened but also surprised by her new confidence and strength. She could be muscular and fit to overweight and not into fitness. GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

male, early 20’s, Caucasian, a grinning skater/art punk who whistles; he thinks the prison experiment is totally cool and is up for seeing some CRAZY as he likes to call it. When things really do get out of hand, he is thrown by it and does not necessarily like how real it has all become. He gives a lot of attitude and likes to be loud, but when it comes down to it, he really is mostly all talk. GUEST STAR.

female, early 20’s, cute and pretty, great figure, she's a college student, into Hello Kitty and Disney, purple, cute girly things. Everything about her is cute. Until she volunteers to be part of the “Prison experiment” and becomes an aggressive, tough, jealous girl who beats up another girl who she thinks is now dating her boyfriend. When we see her violent, more feral side, we establish how she could be a suspect. A NICE CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

male, early 20’s, Caucasian, typical fraternity guy – big, athletic, likes to party and been known to haze pledges. He is given the role of head Correctional Officer in the prison experiment and takes his role a little too eagerly and aggressively. What happens to him really isn’t such a surprise as the reality of the situation really is similar to an actual prison scenario. A NICE CO-STAR.

[ EJ ]
male, early 20’s, Caucasian; he’s pre-law and knows when to stay quiet. He becomes the “prison rat” when he realizes he will get better treatment (i.e. hot cocoa) if he turns on his fellow inmates. NICE CO-STAR.

male, early 20’s, Indian, wiry. By all means not a big guy, in fact, he could use a good meal; but clearly he misses the food from the outside world and not that of the prison experiment he agreed to participate in. He goes around to everyone asking for their food and is always the first in line when anything is given out. Because of this, he seems willing to do anything anyone would ask, so clearly a suspect. CO-STAR.

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