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How I Met Your Mother - Upcoming Episodes

Episode 2.19 - Bachelor Party [Airing April 9]: Robin attends Lily's bridal shower, which is not what she expected, and realizes her gift is inappropriate for the crowd. Barney gets a stripper for Marshall's bachelor party, and when things go wrong end up in the hospital. The striper insists on finishing her act, and the boys -- except Barney -- are disgusted by what they see.

Episode 2.20 - Showdown (fka "May the Best Man Win") [Airing April 30]: Barney thinks his father is Bob Barker and decides to go to L.A. to be on The Price Is Right and tell Bob the truth after he wins. We see flashbacks of young Barney spending quality father-son time with Bob Barker through the tv.

Episode 2.21 - Mr and Mrs Eriksen: It's finally the big day and everything starts to go wrong as Lily tries to keep a positive attitude. The harp player is not only pregnant and can't reach the lower part of her harp, but she is in labor. Scooter, a guy Lily dated in high school, thinks Lily is his soul-mate and doesn't want her to get married. Lily can't find the train for her wedding dress. Marshall's hair is ruined by Lily's cousin, and then he makes it worse.

Episode 2.22 - Something Blue (Season finale): It's Lily and Marshall's wedding reception, and they can't get a moment to themselves to eat all night. Robin keeps trying to tell Barney a story involving Ted, free champagne, and an engagement ring, but they keep getting interrupted.

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