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My Name Is Earl - Upcoming Episodes

Episode 2.19 [Airing April 12]: Flashbacks show how the gang used to make up their own news events and calling reporters so they would put on TV those fake news. Earl tries to make amends with one reporter, Nicole, whose career when down after reporting those fake news. Nicole interviews for TV Earl about his past and the list in the hope that it will help put her career back on track.

Episode 2.20: Bank of Camden employees are at the Crab Shack giving out free t-shirts to people who qualify for a credit card. Earl is thrilled to maybe finally get a credit card he hasn't stolen but with no home, no occupation, and no education, Earl is denied a credit card and the t-shirt. This has Earl examine his life and come to the conclusion that maybe he hasn't been living as an adult should.

Episode 2.21: Earl works in a store where appliances are sold and even wears a tie to make him look more professional. Earl is not a very good salesman and gets his customers stolen away by other staff. Joy leaves Darnell a tape where she recorded a message saying she was going away for a while.

Episode 2.22 - Two Balls, Two Strikes: Little Chubby (played by Norm MacDonald) travels around the world where he ends up being worshipped for a physical deformity he has.

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