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This page will keep you updated on all the new SpoilerTV Features and Site Changes

12th April - Added The Expanse
11th April - Added The Librarians
10th April - Removed Being Human
8th April - Added In The Flesh
8th April - Added Olympus and Z Nation
8th April - Removed Raising Hope and Rake
6th April - Removed OUAT in Wonderland
5th April - 12 Monkeys added
5th April - HIMYM Removed
1st April - Added Aquarius
1st April - Removed Psych
28th Mar - Removed Mind Games
27th Mar - Added Welcome to Sweden and Taxi Brooklyn to system
19th Mar - Added The Comedians
15th Mar - Added The Club
10th Mar - Added The Knick
7th Mar - Added The Missing
23rd Feb - Added Heroes Reborn
22nd Feb - Added Shades of Blue
15th Feb - Removed Ravenswood
14th Feb - Added Ballers
12th Feb - Facebook Like and Twitter Follow button moved to below each post
12th Feb - Added Last Man on Earth
11th Feb - Added The Brink
11th Feb - Added The Lottery
11th Feb - Added Eye Candy
11th Feb - Removed Mob City
8th Feb - Twitter button added to sidebar. Upgrade site to jquery version 1.11.0
7th Feb - Added Un-Real
6th Feb - Removed The Michael J Fox Show
5th Feb - Added The Astronaut Wives Club
5th Feb - Survivor's Remorse added to System
5th Feb - Removed Hostages
29th Jan - Sean Saves the World removed from System
27th Jan - Flesh and Bone added to System
24th Jan - Married and You're the Worst added to System
24th Jan - Benched added to System
24th Jan - Weird Loners added to System
23rd Jan - Salem added to System
23rd Jan - Family Tree and Hello Ladies removed from System
19th Jan - The Slap and Emerald City added to System
16th Jan - The Affair and Happyish added to System
11th Jan - The Assets and Back in the Game have been removed
10th Jan - Doll and Em added to System
8th Jan - Backstrom added to System
6th Jan - Mystery Girls, Mr.Robinson and Young and Hungry added to System
5th Jan - Better Call Saul, Intruders and Dominion added to System
3rd Jan - Misfits removed from system
1st Jan - Removed Treme and Nikita

19th December - Ripper Street removed from the site.
19th December - Bitten added to Site
18th December - A.D. added to Site
13th December - BUZZ and Fanshowcase sites have been updated to the new theme.
12th December - Tyrant added to Site
12th December - Article Icons now linked to the appropriate Category/Label
11th December - New Chrome Extension Released
10th December - New darker color scheme added
10th December - Removed the comments link when Articles have 0 Comments
10th December - Articles Icons refresh to improve load time and visibility
10th December - Mobile site user interface has been updated to improve article text readability
8th December - Search Box has been removed from the side bar, you can now access search via the Help and/or Features menu
8th December - Low Winter Sun removed from the site.
5th December - Finished a visual refresh of both the Desktop and Mobile Sites
29th November - Added the ability to hide the graphic banner.
29th November - New Social Sharing Icons added to articles
27th November - Luther removed from site
20th November - Braddock and Jackson added to Site
20th November - The Assets added to Site
20th November - Necessary Removed removed from site
19th November - The Strain added to Site
19th November - Chozen added to Site
16th November - Gracepoint added to Site
15th November - Working the Engels added to Site
13th November - Dig added to Site
13th November - Secrets and Lies added to Site
9th November - Bordertown added to Site

Update: Starting on November the 1st we will be updating this page on a regular basis when we make any changes to the site.

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