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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 1.21 - Unsolvable - Review

Man, Jake has really got it bad for Amy. Although he tries to distract himself from her weekend getaway with her boyfriend by solving an unsolvable case, even THAT doesn’t make him feel better. His determination to solve an unsolvable problem is enough to solve the case, but not enough to resolve his feelings for Amy. This was a great story to once again remind everyone that Jake is actually a great detective, and when he’s serious about something he can accomplish a lot - including Case 52ABX-32QJ. Over the past few episodes, Jake’s desire for Amy has actually prompted him to act in a more mature manner, albeit slightly crazy at the same time. It will be interesting to see if a rejection from Amy would cause him to return to his usual silly ways, or if he would continue with his semi-serious manner in an attempt to impress her.

This relationship story is definitely one to see out the season, though with a second series already guaranteed, chances are nothing will really wrap up with the Jake/Amy relationship during the finale. My guess? Either a one-time hook-up or a profession of Jake’s feelings that would lead to an awkward working relationship in the future. But who knows? They’ve built up this story enough over this last run of episodes that I’m curious to see where it ends up, and they often seem to take stories in an unexpected direction.

Amy, meanwhile, LIES TO THE CAPTAIN. That’s right, brownnoser extraordinaire Amy, LIES to the one person whose opinion she values above all else. And why is that? Because she finally has a moderately successful romantic relationship (with Teddy), and they’re going away for the weekend. Her false dental emergency was exposed when Holt was extremely helpful to her, arranging for her to see his dentist brother-in-law and even driving her there himself! The funny thing about the situation is that the Captain pays her more attention than ever, something she’d normally be thrilled about, but only on the occasion when she wants him to leave her alone. Isn’t life funny like that sometimes? Karma strikes young over-brusher Amy when it turns out that her vigorous dental practices resulted in her having seven cavities, something which the Captain finds very fitting. It was nice that there was no easy out for Amy in this story - she wasn’t saved at the last minute by anything. She just lied to her boss, and then got caught, and got seven cavities filled. Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there: lying gives you cavities.

Back at the precinct, amid the lying and the fervent case-solving, Rosa lends Boyle a helping hand with his pre-martial problems. When he can’t find a good place to talk to Vivian on the phone (since he really needs to stop taking advice from the perps in holding…), Rosa and Gina introduce him to their secret bathroom, named “Babylon.” Although Gina’s not keen on letting him in on the hidden water closet, but Rosa extended it to her when she needed it, and she’s doing the same for her good friend Boyle. In a surprise twist, Scully and Hitchcock use detective skills (who knew, right?) to discover the secret bathroom. Apparently that’s the only kind of case they can solve - not the best cops to hunt down a murderer, but just the guys you want on your side when you’ve really got to pee. Here’s another example of Rosa being a good friend to Boyle - one of the two relationship stories the show’s been really focused on for the past few weeks. It’s really nice to see the two of them as friends, and show that Rosa’s not a sociopathic cop; she’s got a few soft spots under her hard, hard shell.

The cold open with Holt’s injury was funny, though it felt a little off as a standalone, since most of B99’s cold opens continue into the story. I definitely wanted to see Jake trying to convince everyone else about Holt’s hula-hooping prowess, maybe trying to trick him into doing it. It was a great concept, but the transition into the first act felt a little off with the abrupt switch.

Overall the episode was a nice continuation of stories from the past few weeks, and is definitely setting up for an interesting season finale.

What did you think of the episode? Are you rooting for Jake and Amy to get together, or should the partners stay far away from one another? Any predictions for the season finale?

About the Author - Kimberly
Kimberly is a college student studying Writing for Film & TV, and a big TV nerd - willing to talk any show, any time. Her tastes are various and sundry, but she’s got a soft spot for comedy. She currently writes the SpoilerTV reviews for Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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