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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.10 - Star of the Show - Review

[NOTE: Please be advised that English is not my first language.]

Hart of Dixie returned this week for another average episode that almost felt like a chess game where almost all romantic pairs played and ended in check for two of them. Meanwhile Lemon returned as a super-spy mastermind (you will understand!) and Zoe tried to direct a cabaret (what could probably go wrong? - You’re thinking right now).Well, let’s begin…

AB, Lemon and Charlie’s Belles

Right in the beginning of the episode we were faced with a Lavon ready to disappear from the face of the Earth even after AB prepared a glorious big breakfast for him. Everything because of the potential town merge with Fillmore that if accepted will take Bluebell out of the map, for good! Annabeth, always kind and caring, understood the situation and tried to cheer him up, without success.

To overcome this problem AB turned to the only person she knew capable of solving it: Lemon. Then she assembled the Belles, leaving Crickett really annoyed and Lemon, via video-call, informed them that the only way to stop the town merger was charming the governor’s sister with the uniqueness of Bluebell and its residents. Not even Crickett could find a flaw in Lemon’s plan in spite of taking some time to understand it. We need some kind of complex plan, we ask Lemon Breeland, and now more than ever Bluebell needed Lemon’s plan to keep on existing.

In the end, the plan was not fully successful but an awkward cabaret directed by Zoe Hart and Joel turned out to be the magical ingredient that made the governor’s sister agree to bring Bluebell’s desires to her brother consideration as well as make him visit the town.

Zoe, Creativity and life (that is nothing more than a cabaret)

This week discussion between Zoe and Joel was whether she was capable of being creative or not. Funny fact: this argument pop up in the exact moment Lemon (via video-call once again) persuaded Brick to tank Sheby’s cabaret so she felt the urge to leave town and consequently Brick. Zoe appeared as the answer to their prayers and they get her to direct Shelby’s show thinking it would be a disaster for sure. (Come on is Zoe we are talking about…) Brick wasn’t really happy with the whole idea but Zoe was walking on air with the chance to prove Joel she can be creative if she wants.

“One Cellular Sensation” soon was ready, filled with awesome(-ish) songs about…cells and costumes wall hand made by the one and only Zoe Hart. The production was silly but yet funny and it had everything to be terrible. Joel found out that the situation was nothing but a scheme to make Shelby leave town and tried to tell Zoe. I don’t even have to say she didn’t believe it when he told her. Joel did not push her and sit on the sidelines waiting for her to admit the obvious.

It did not take much, and after that the doctor immediately faced Brick with her discoveries. Trying to solve the problem Zoe agreed with letting Joel help her piece together the previous version of the cabaret but Shelby did not take it lightly and fainted forcing Brick to take her home, so she could rest in her bed. I loved when he admitted the he rather admit his feeling than fight them because, for me, Brick and Shelby sound good together since day one.

It all ended well, with Shelby appearing from nowhere, in her bed, singing and ending the show gloriously, making the governor’s sister admit that Bluebell really is unique.

Geoge, Lynly and Tansy (hail to the new HoD love triangle)

While everything was happening George was sleeping in the same bed with Lynly but dreaming about Tansy what became evident when he whispered her name. I feel kind of a love triangle forming here but I have to be honest, I don’t like Tansy, that’s it! George Tucker, look back please and think about everything you went through in the whole Wade-Zoe-Geoge situation. Do you really want to go down that path again?

Maybe he does, because he decided to distract Tansy’s boyfriend Scooter from the town merger by suggesting a double date hiking with himself and Lynly what would never end well. After making Scooter mad with Tansy by implying she told them Fillmore’s real intentions behind the merge, George, Tansy and Lynly sit together for some drinks, what was, really the stupidest idea ever, right?

It didn’t take much for Lynly to supposedly fall asleep, while George and Tansy went outside for some air. Everything became a little bit more awkward when a perfectly awake Lynly looked out the window just to find George and Tansy cuddling. Sad…

Finish Line Thoughts

Where was Zade this week? I really felt their absence, however the Vivian/Wade scenes were really cute and heartwarming. I’m so torn between this two relationships… Argh!

I don’t like Tansy and her attitude in this week’s episode was at least annoying. NOTE: I think she has crazy eyes as well. Don’t know, just a thought. Just hope George makes up his mind and decides quick with whom he wants to be. NO more love geometric figures please, I’m tired…

The ending scene between Zoe and Joel really was sweet but made me wonder how near Joel is from a best friend and how far he is from a real boyfriend.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What do you think will happen to George and Lynly? And the town merge is it going forward or are Bluebell town members going to make it disappear? Share your thoughts in the comments, they exist for that, and don’t forget to tune in Monday for another episode of Hart of Dixie.

Rui (aka Rucax)
Rui is a 16-year old student from Portugal, currently studying sciences in a public school. He started contributing to SpoilerTV in August 2013 writing to Hart of Dixie. Before it, he wrote reviews to a Portuguese fan site of The Mentalist. Some of his favorite shows are: GoT, Arrow, Gossip Girl (R.I.P.), Hart of Dixie (of course), Under the Dome, AHS among many, many others.

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