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NCIS - Episode 11.09 - Gut Check - Review


     Still one short of a full team, NCIS picks up in MTAC when a major security breach causes a lockdown. According to McGee, the "network security detected an unauthorized electronic transmission." While I found the schematics of the attack a little too vague to point straight to NSA agent Ellie Bishop, I was willing to see past it in order to meet Ziva's replacement half way.

     Ironically, the threat was discovered to be coming from SecNav herself. Watching Tony have to pat her down is probably the funniest thing he has done this entire season...which isn't entirely his fault. Suffering post-Ziva depression, DiNozzo has been surprisingly unfunny the last few weeks, but luckily this episode was able to pick up the DiZozzo humor back in full swing. From trying to get a frown of disapproval from Norma (agent across the hall) to referring to Bishop as Jeff Goldblum, I feel comfortable in saying the old DiNozzo is back. Plus who could forget the Star Trek chairs and Number 1?!?!?! The writers really outdid themselves on Tony's jokes this episode.

     Now that we have established that the DiNozzo of the past is back, what about the inevitable new probie? Ellie Bishop is a tad quirky, but in a good way. While Gibbs searches to find someone to fill the seat left by Ziva, I think he's going to have an easier job filling the desk. Funnily enough, Bishop likes to sit on desks (or autopsy platforms) and organize her thoughts. I'm sure this will be short term quirkiness factor, but I thought it was notably funny. On top of her odd choice of seats, DiNozzo immediately noted that Bishop wears a wedding ring. I'm going to make a prediction that the writers are going to drag out the reveal behind the information behind the ring. It would be a smart move to allow the audience to process her character before introducing such a bold new story line.

     What should definitely be interesting in the next few weeks is how they tackle Bishop's non field work attitude. Looking into the past, Kate was a Secret Service agent and Ziva was a Mossad agent. So, where does this leave Bishop? I'm not entirely sure, but I doubt that Tony, McGee, and Gibbs can handle the entire physical aspect of the show. Given Bishop's Palmer-like attack in this episode, I suspect it will take a while for Bishop to get to regular field work. Even without field work though Bishop doesn't exactly lose much screen time. Disregarding reality, the fake-lawyer scene was quite ingenious.

     Overall, I still feel like I need another episode to get to know Bishop. She was fun, but it wasn't like she totally changed the team dynamic like Ziva did when she was first introduced. So far, I like her ok, but I'll have to wait until next week to deliver my final verdict on her character.

Rating: 8.9/10

Extra Note: Did any other Fringe fans find it funny that she food associates kind of like Walter Bishop? Surely, it's just a coincidence, but it's a funny coincidence all the same.

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