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ICYMI - Weekend Edition - 13th October 2013

Here is a catchup of the posts you may have missed over the past 24hrs.

Twitter Accounts Popularity Table
What's HOT and Popular Posts section
Alternative TV Ratings Scorecard 2013/14
Full Ratings Tables 2013/14
Readers' Pilot Ratings Table - 2013/2014
SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Table 2013/14
2 Broke Girls - Episode 3.04 - And The Group Head - Sneak Peek
7 Word Review - 6 Oct -12 Oct - Review your shows in 7 words or less
ABC Halloween - Various Shows - Press Release
Agents of SHIELD - Episode 1.04 - Eye Spy - Sneak Peek
Almost Human - Season 1 - New Promo - Compassion
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN - Episode 03.01 - Bitchcraft - Review : That was fun, mon petit !
Arrow - 2.01 - City of Heroes - Character Review
Arrow - Episode 2.02 - Identity - Preview
Atlantis - Episode 1.03 - A Boy of No Consequence - Sneak Peek
Atlantis - Episode 1.03 - A Boy of No Consequence - Sneak Peek 2
Atlantis - Episode 1.04 - Twist of Fate - Promo
Banshee - Season 1 - Origins Webisodes
Banshee - Season 2 - Teaser Trailer
Black Sails - 1 Minute Promo
Blue Bloods - Episode 4.04 - The Truth About Lying - Promo
Blue Bloods - Episode 4.04 - The Truth About Lying - Extended Promo
Boardwalk Empire - Episode 4.06 - The North Star - Sneak Peeks
Bones - Episode 9.05 - The Lady on the List - Sneak Peeks
Bones - Episode 9.06 - The Woman in White - Save the Date Card
Breaking Bad - "Ozymandias" being made into an Opera
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 1.04 - M.E. Time - Review
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 1.05 - The Vulture - Promo
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 1.05 - The Vulture - Sneak Peeks
Castle - Episode 6.04 - Number One Fan - Sneak Peek 2
Comedy starring Meg Ryan in development at NBC
Comedy starring Sophia Grace and Rosie, produced by Ellen DeGeneres gets Script commitment at NBC
Criminal Minds - Episode 9.04 - To Bear Witness - Promo
Da Vinci’s Demons - Season 2 - Cast Promotional Photos
Dads - 6 More Scripts Ordered
Dads - Episode 1.05 - Oldfinger - Promo
Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor - New Photos
Dracula - BTS Video - The Making of Dracula
Dracula - Episode 1.02 - A Whiff of Sulphur - Press Release
Dracula - Group Cast Promotional Photo & BTS Photos
Eastbound and Down - Episode 4.03 - Chapter 24 - Sneak Peeks
Eye Candy - Victoria Justice cast in MTV Pilot
Falling Skies - Season 4 - First Trailer
Fargo - Bob Odenkirk, Oliver Plattand Glenn Howerton
Glee - Episode 5.03 "The Quarterback" - Review
Grey's Anatomy - Episode 10.04 - Puttin' On The Ritz - Review
Grey's Anatomy - Episode 10.05 - I Bet It Stung - Sneak Peek
Grey's Anatomy - Season 10 - Casting News - Hector Elizondo returning
Grey's Anatomy - Season 10 - Sandra Oh Interview [VIDEO]
Grimm - Episode 3.02 - PTZD - Press Release
Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.01 - Who Says You Can't Go Home - Review
Haven - Episode 4.06 - Countdown - Promo
Hawaii Five-0 - Episode 4.04 - A ia la aku - Promo
Hawaii Five-0 - Episode 4.04 - A ia la aku - Extended Promo
Hawaii Five-0 Invites Viewers to Help Build an Episode to Be Broadcast Later This Season
Hawaii Five-O - Episode 4.03 - Ka’ola L’o Ma Loko - Review
Hello Ladies - Episode 1.03 - The Date - Sneak Peeks
Homeland - Episode 3.03 - Tower of David - Advance Review
Homeland - Episode 3.05 - The Yoga Play - Promotional Photos
Homeland - Episode 3.06 - Still Positive - Synopsis
Hostages - Episode 1.04 - 2:45 PM - Sneak Peek
How I Met Your Mother - Episode 9.05 - The Poker Game - Sneak Peek
How I Met Your Mother - Episode 9.14 - Slapsgiving 3 - Musical guest booked
How I Met Your Mother - Season 9 - Casting News - Alan Thicke returning
Ironside - Episode 1.04 - Uptown Murders - Press Release
Ironside - Episode 1.04 - Uptown Murders - Promotional Photos
Ironside - Episode 1.05 - Hell on Wheels - Press Release
Law and Order : SVU - Episode 15.05 - Wonderland Story - Sneak Peek
Law and Order: SVU - Episode 15.07 - Dissonant Voices - Press Release
Live+7 DVR Ratings - Week 1 (23rd Sept - 29th Sept)
Lost Girl - Season 4 - Promo and Sneak Peak
Mob City - New Promo - City of Angels
Modern Family - Episode 5.05 - The Late Show - Sneak Peeks
Mom - Episode 1.04 - Loathing and Tube Socks - 3 Sneak Peeks
MOVIES: Fantastic Four Reboot - Potential Cast Members Announced
MOVIES : Fifty Shades of Grey - Charlie Hunnam drops out
MOVIES : Hercules: The Legend Begins - Trailer starring Kellan Lutz
MOVIES: Thor: The Dark World - Loki Featurette
NCIS: Los Angeles - Episode 5.04 - Reznikov, N - 3 Sneak Peeks
New Girl - Episode 3.04 "The Captain" - Review
New Girl - Episode 3.05 - The Box - Promo
New Sleepy Hollow Twitter Account
Once Upon a Time - Episode 3.03 - Quite a Common Fairy - Sneak Peeks from NY Comic-Con
Once Upon A Time - Season 3 - Latest from NYCC
Once Upon a Time - Season 3 - NY Comic-Con Panel [VIDEO]
Orphan Black - Season 2 - Casting News - Michiel Huisman, Peter Outerbridge and Ari Millen to Recur
OUAT in WONDERLAND - 1x01 "Down The Rabbit Hole" - Review - We're Just Getting Started
Parenthood - Episode 5.06 - The M Word - Press Release
Parks and Recreation - Episode 6.04 - Doppelgängers - Review
Parks and Recreation - Episode 6.07 - Recall Vote - Press Release
Person of Interest - Episode 3.05 - PA3ROBOP - NYCC Sneak Peek
POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 13th October 2013
POLL : What did you think of Atlantis - The Boy Must Die?
POLL : What did you think of Haven - The New Girl?
POLL : What did you think of Hawaii Five-0 - Ka'oia i'o ma loko?
POLL : Which Shows do you want to have their own Twitter Feed?
Pretty Little Liars - Episode 4.13 - Grave New World - Canadian Promo
Ratings News - 12th October 2013
Ravenswood - Episode 1.02 - Death and the Maiden - Promotional Photos
Red Brick Road - Wizard of Oz drama from Tim Schlattman put in development at Lifetime
Reign - Episode 1.03 - Kissed - Promotional Photos
Reign - Episode 1.04 - Hearts and Minds - Promotional Photos
Reign - Full Set of Cast Promotional Photos
Reign - Megan Follows Interview [VIDEO]
Revolution 2.03 "Love Story" Review: All You Need Is Love
Revolution - Episode 2.06 - Dead Man Walking - Press Release
ROTW - The Most Shocking/Surprising TV Series Finales
Scene Of The Week - October 13, 2013 - POLL
Sean Saves the World - Episode 1.03 - Date Expectations - Sneak Peek
Sean Saves The World - Episode 1.05 - Nobody Puts Sean in a Corner - Press Release
Sherlock - Episode 3.01 - The Empty Hearse - Some Details from Mark Gatiss
Spoiled - Week 3 - Webisode with exclusive spoilers and news
Stats Spotlight - Ratings Highlights - Decreases All Round As Premiere Hype Dies Down
Strike Back - Episode 3.10 (Season Finale) - Promo
STV Podcast 61 - Homeland, Person of Interest, Agents of Shield and more
Supernatural - Episodes 9.10 and 9.11 - Titles Revealed
Supernatural - Season 9 - Casting News - Lindy Booth guest starring
Teen Wolf - Renewed for a 4th Season
Telemark - FX orders WWII Miniseries from Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy and Christian Colson
The Big Bang Theory – Episode 7.04 – The Raiders Minimization – Review
The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.05 - The Workplace Proximity - Extended Promo
The Blacklist - Episode 1.06 - Gina Zanetakos - Press Release
The Crazy Ones - Episode 1.04 - Breakfast Burrito Club - Promo
The Crazy Ones - Episode 1.04 - Breakfast Burrito Club - Extended Promo
The Fosters - Renewed for 2nd Season
The Goldbergs - Episode 1.04 - Why're You Hitting Yourself? - Press Release
The Good Wife - Episode 5.03 - A Precious Commodity - Sneak Peek 2
The Good Wife - Episode 5.04 - Outside the Bubble - Promotional Photos
The League - Episode 5.07 - The Bringer Show - Press Release & Promotional Photos
The Mentalist - Episode 6.03 - Wedding in Red - Sneak Peek
The Mentalist - Episode 6.03 - Wedding in Red - Cast Interviews
The Michael J Fox Show - Episode 1.05 - Interns - Sneak Peeks
The Michael J. Fox Show - Episode 1.07 - Bed Bugs - Press Release
The Millers - Episode 1.03 - The Phone Upgrade - Promo
The Mindy Project - Episode 2.05 - Wiener Night - Promo
The Night Shift - NBC Orders 3 More Scripts
The Originals - Episode 1.04 - Girl in New Orleans - Promotional Photos
The Tomorrow People - New Cast Promotional Photos
The Vampire Diaries - Episode 5.03 - Original Sin - Sneak Peek
The Walking Dead - Episode 4.01 - 30 Days Without an Accident - Major Spoilers
The Walking Dead - Season 4 - Casting News - Michael Cudlitz cast as pivotal comic book character
The Walking Dead - Season 4 - Casting News - Josh McDermitt cast as Dr. Eugene Porter
The Walking Dead - Season 4 - New Promo - Prey for the Dead
Tomorrow People - 1.01 - Pilot - Best Scene Poll
Top Posts of the Week - 13th October 2013
Two Broke Girls - Episode 3.04 - And the Group Head - Promotional Photos
Two Broke Girls - Episode 3.04 - And the Group Head - Promotional Photos
Us And Them - Episode Order Reduced, Production Stopped
USD POLL : What is your Favourite Season of Gossip Girl?
USD POLL : Which Grey's Anatomy character would you kill off if you had to?
Welcome To The Family - Episode 1.05 - Halloween - Press Release
What was your favorite scene from The Vampire Diaries: True Lies
White Collar - Episode 5.02 - Out of the Frying Pan - Promotional Photos
Witches of East End - Episode 1.02 - Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. - Sneak Peek

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