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Devious Maids - Episode 1.09 Scrambling The Eggs - Review: The Truth

With the Season 1 finale of Devious Maids only a month away, more and more details about Flora's murder are coming to light. Whether it was hiding it, facing it, telling it or uncovering it, the truth was a central theme in this week's installment "Scrambling The Eggs".

TELLING THE TRUTH. Odessa and Carmen are so much fun to watch. I'm glad their teasing dynamic didn't change now that Carmen knows about Odessa's cancer. They are reluctant to tell Alejandro about it but after they find Odessa's hair all over the kitchen while preparing lunch, they don't really have another choice. Alejandro's apathetic attitude really reminds me of Peri and his reaction was just down right ignorant, so I'm glad Carmen put him in his place. She is fierce and she is right to call him out on his behaviour towards Odessa. This is what Carmen should have done when that producer made a move on her a couple of episodes ago. It is really nice seeing Odessa light up like that when Alejandro shows up in the hospital. I don't know what their plans for Odessa's cancer are but I do hope that she sticks around because I would really miss her sisterly bickering with Carmen.

UNCOVERING THE TRUTH. The flashback of Michael and Flora turns out to be the content of the DVD. The video confirms that Flora's rapist is not the father and that they have a connection. Flora's grandmother is mentioned whom Marisol pays a visit and she finds out that Flora cheated on Eddie with one of his friends. So here's what we know: Flora's rapist is Adrian while the father is a friend of Eddie. Who is that mysterious friend? Do we know him already or do we have yet to meet him?

HIDING THE TRUTH. It was great to see Spence back but his reunion with Rosie is shortlived as Evelyn catches them in flagrante. Of course Evelyn uses that information to get herself some more quality time with Baby Tucker but Adrian gets her to back off which results in Rosie being in his debt and that is something that will not end well.

FACING THE TRUTH. Evelyn has really grown on me. She truly has come a long way from the woman we saw in the pilot who was more concerned about the blood stains in the carpet than her maid who just got murdered. Adrian is blaming her for Barrett's death and that broke her and she can't recover from it because he is still holding a grudge against her. We also learn that Baby Tucker is not the first child Evelyn has gotten too attached to since Barrett died and that they even sought out professional help. Evelyn is a very complex, lonely and unpredictable woman and she is by far the most interesting character on the show.

Another one facing the truth was Gen. After she fails to convince Zoila to give up one of Valentina's eggs, she realizes that Zoila is right: She is in no shape to raise another child and she needs to focus on the one she already has - Remi. She decides to end it with Alfred and to visit Remi to be the mother he so desperately needs. It was also a nice moment when Zoila tells Valentina that she will sell Gen's ring to pay for her tuition. Does that mean Val is a goner?

One thing though that I'm missing from the show are the interactions between the maids. Going into the show, it was one of the aspects I was really looking forward to and I'm rather disappointed that most episodes are about their respective employers. I would really like for their storylines to be more overlapping and connected to each other.

Overall, it was a nice episode and I can't wait to finally find out who's behind Flora's murder. What do you think? Is Evelyn's obssession with babies creepy? Are you gonna miss Valentina? Is there more to Flora's cousin than meets-the-eye? Sound off in the comments below!

Rating: 3.5/5

Mark Ondo/LittleDreamer
19 y/o austrian high school graduate who is in the midst of figuring life out. Writer for SpoilerTV. Loves watching TV, cheesecake, meditation & music. For feedback/questions, write me on facebook or mail me.

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