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ICYMI - 31st Jan 2013

Here is a catchup of the posts you may have missed over the past 24hrs.

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Upcoming Show Development Spreadsheet *31st Jan*
2013 Full Pilot Watch Spreadsheet *30th Jan*
Full Ratings Tables 2012/13 *Updated 31st Jan 2013*
The SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Table 2012/13 *Updated 30th Jan 2013*
Alternative TV Ratings Scorecard *31st Jan*
2 Broke Girls - Superbowl Commercial
90210 - Episode 5.14 - Brother From Another Mother - Press Release
Arrow 1.12 "Vertigo" Review: Perception is Everything
Arrow - Episode 1.12 - Vertigo - Sneak Peek
Arrow - Episode 1.15 - Dodger - Press Release
Bad Management - ABC Orders another Comedy to Pilot
Banshee - Episode 1.04 - Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead - Sneak Peeks
Barbarella - Skyfall writers team up with the director of Drive
Beauty and the Beast - Episode 1.14 - Tough Love - Press Release
Being Human (UK) - Episode 5.02 - Press Release
Best Scene: Justified - This Bird Has Flown?
Black Mirror - Episode 2.01 - Be Right Back - Promotional Photos
Black Mirror - Season 2 - Episode Descriptions
Black Mirror - Season 2 - New Poster reveals Premiere Air Date
Blue Bloods - Episode 3.15 - Warriors - Promotional Photos
Bones - Episode 8.14 - The Doll in the Derby - Sneak Peeks
Bones - Episode 8.15 - The Shot in the Dark - Promotional Photo of Brennan Shot
Bones - Episode 8.15 - The Shot in the Dark - Full Set of Promotional Photos
Bones - Episode 8.18 - Title Revealed
Bunheads - Episode 1.15 - Take the Vicuna - Promotional Photos
Bunheads - Episode 1.16 - There's Nothing Worse than a Pantsuit - Press Release
Californication - Episode 6.04 - Hell Bent for Leather - Promotional Photos
Casting Snippets - Various Shows - 31st Jan 2013
Castle - Episode 5.14 - Reality Star Struck - Full set of Promotional Photos
Chicago Fire - Episode 1.14 - A Little Taste - Promo
Criminal Minds - Episode 8.14 - All That Remains - Promo
CSI - Episode 13.13 - In Vino Veritas - Promo
Cult - Episode 1.01 - You’re Next - Press Release
Cult - Premiere Poster
Deception - Episode 1.06 - Don't be a Dummy - Promotional Photos
Dracula - Casting News - Katie McGrath and Nonso Anozie join cast
Elementary - Episode 1.15 - A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs - Promotional Photos (Updated Larger)
Elementary - Super Sunday - Featurette [VIDEO]
Emily Owens M.D. - Episode 1.13 - Emily and... the Leap (Series Finale) - Promo
Enter Our Seven Psychopaths Giveaway
Family Guy - Episode 11.12 - Valentine's Day in Quahog - Promotional Photos
Fox To Pick Up 50 Cent Animated Comedy
FOX Tuesday - Raising Hope, New Girl & The Mindy Project - Promo
Game Of Thrones - Season 3: Vlog #3 - Intensity Of Iceland
Glee - Episode 4.12 - Naked - Promo #2
Graceland - Casting News - Vincent Laresca to Recur
Grey's Anatomy - Episode 9.13 - Bad Blood - Sneak Peek 3
Grey's Anatomy - Episode 9.13 - Bad Blood - Sneak Peeks 4 & 5
Grey's Anatomy - Episode 9.15 - Hard Bargain - Promotional Photos (Updated Larger)
Grey's Anatomy - Season 9 - Shonda Rhimes talks about saving the hospital
Guys with Kids - Episode 1.15 - Gary's Idea - Promotional Photos
Hart of Dixie - Episode 2.14 - Take Me Home, Country Roads - CHCH Promo
Hart of Dixie - Episode 2.15 - The Gambler - Press Release
The Carrie Diaries - Episode 1.04 - Fright Night - Sneak Peek 2
Homeland - Season 1 RPG style
House of Lies - Episode 2.04 - DAMONSCHILDREN.ORG - 2 Sneak Peeks
How I Met Your Mother - Cobie Smulders Confirms 9th Season
How I Met Your Mother - Officially renewed for FINAL season
How Smash Became TV's Biggest Trainwreck
ICYMI - 30th Jan 2013
Latest from E! Online - Various Shows - 31st January 2013
Law and Order SVU - Episode 14.13 - Monster's Legacy - Promo
Lost Girl - Episode 3.05 - Faes Wide Shut - Promo
Maison Close - Season 2 - Cast promotional photos
Middle Age Rage - Yet Another Comdey Pilot Ordered by ABC
Modern Family - Episode 4.14 - A Slight at the Opera - Promotional Photos
Motive - ABC Picks up New Drama Series for Summer 2013
Motive - Unlikely Killer Promo
MOVIES: Iron Man 3 - New Poster & Super Bowl Teaser
MOVIES : Iron Man 3 - Super Bowl Teaser
MOVIES : Side Effects - Trailer
MOVIES : Star Trek Into Darkness - Promo Feature
MOVIES : To The Lone Ranger - Promotional Poster
MOVIES: Upside Down - Theatrical Trailer
Nashville - Episode 1.13 - There’ll Be No Tear Drops Tonight - Promotional Photos
New Girl - Episode 2.16 - Marriage - Promo
Nikita - Episode 3.09 - Survival Instincts - Sneak Peek
Nikita - Episode 3.10 - Brave New World - Promotional Photos
Nikita - Episode 3.11 - Black Badge - Press Release
Once Upon a Time - Episode 2.17 - Jamie Dornan & Lana Parrilla Set Photos
Once Upon a Time - Episode 2.17 - Title Revealed
Once Upon a Time - Final Script Tease for next episode
Once Upon a Time - Season 2 - 3 more Script Teases
Once Upon a Time - Season 2 - Jamie Dornan's Sheriff Graham Returning
Once Upon a Time - Season 2 - More Set Photos of Lana Parrilla and Jamie Dornan
Once Upon a Time - Season 2 - Set Photos of Meghan Ory and Ginnifer Goodwin
Once Upon a Time - Season 2 - Short Car Chase Set Video
POLL : Guess the Ratings of Do No Harm
POLL: TV's Favorite Love Triangle
POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 31st Jan 2013
POLL : What did you think of The Americans - Pilot?
POLL : What did you think of Arrow - Vertigo?
POLL : What did you think of Chicago Fire - Warm and Dead?
POLL : What did you think of Guys With Kids - Me Time?
POLL : What did you think of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Criminal Hatred?
POLL : What did you think of Necessary Roughness - Hits and Myths?
POLL : What did you think of The Neighbors - The Back Nine?
POLL : What did you think of Suburgatory - Yakult Leader?
POLL : What did you think of Supernatural - As Time Goes By?
POLL : What did you think of Whitney - Sorry!?
POLL: What was the best scene in NCIS - Hit And Run?
POLL: What was the best scene in NCIS Los Angeles - The Chosen One?
Poll: What was your favorite scene from Pretty Little Liars - Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno?
Pretty Little Liars - Episode 3.20 - Hot Water - Press Release
Pretty Little Liars - Episode 3.20 - Hot Water - Promotional Photos
Psych - Episode 7.02 - 7.05 - Short Synopsis
Raising Hope - Episode 3.16 - Yo Zappa Do (2) - Promotional Photos
Raising Hope - Episode 3.17 - Sex, Clown, and Videotape - Promotional Photos
Ratings News - 30th Jan 2013 (Full Tables Posted)
Ratings News - 31st Jan 2013 (Full Tables Posted)
Revenge - Episode 2.13 - Union - Promotional Photos *Updated Large*
Revenge - Episode 2.14 - Sacrifice - Promotional Photos *Updated Larger*
Revenge - Season 2 - Funeral Set Photos
Rules of Engagement - Episode 7.01 - Liz Moves In - Promo
Rules of Engagement - Episode 7.02 - Taking Names - Press Release
Rules of Engagement - Episode 7.03 - Cats and Dogs - Press Release
Scandal - Episode 2.13 - Nobody Likes Babies - Promotional Photos
Shameless - Episode 3.04 - The Helpful Gallaghers - Promotional Photos
Shameless - Episode 3.05/3.06 - The Sins of My Caretaker/Cascading Failures - Synopsis
Southland - Season 5 - Casting News - Gerald McRaney to recur
Spartacus - Episode 3.02 - Wolves at the Gate - Sneak Peek 2
Stats Spotlight - Bones on Monday - Who says 13 is unlucky???
Stats Spotlight - NCIS passes 22 million viewers for the third time in series history
Suits - Episode 2.13 - Zane Vs. Zane - Sneak Peek
Supernatural 8.12 "As Time Goes By" Review: Family Remains the Constant
Supernatural - Episode 8.13 - Everybody Hates Hitler - Promo
Supernatural - Episode 8.15 - Man's Best Friend With Benefits - Press Release
Supernatural - Season 8 - Latest from TVLine
Switched at Birth - Episode 2.06 - Human/Need/Desire - Press Release
The Americans - Episode 1.02 - The Clock - Promo
The Beauty And The Beast Podcast - Seeing Red
The Big Bang Theory - Season 6 - Casting News - Kate Micucci cast as Love Interest for Raj
The Carrie Diaries - Episode 1.04 - Fright Night - Sneak Peek
The Carrie Diaries - Episode 1.06 - Endgame - Press Release
The Client List - Season 2 - First Promo
The Following - Episode 1.03 - The Poet's Fire - Promo 2
The Following - New Promotional Cast Photo
The Good Wife - Episode 4.14 - Red Team, Blue Team - Promotional Photos
The Lying Game - Episode 2.07 - Regrets Only - Press Release
The Lying Game - Episode 2.07 - Regrets Only - Promotional Photos
The Vampire Diaries - Episode 4.12 - A View To A Kill - Sneak Peek 2
The Vampire Diaries - Episode 4.12 - A View To A Kill - Latest from TV Guide [VIDEO]
The Vampire Diaries - Episode 4.12 - A View To A Kill - Ian Somerhalder Interviews
The Vampire Diaries - Episode 4.13 - Into the Wild - Promo
The Vampire Diaries - Episode 4.14 - Down the Rabbit Hole - First look at Charlie Bewley
The Vampire Diaries - Episode 4.15 - Stand by Me - Press Release
The Vampire Diaries - New Feb 2013 Sweeps Poster (Updated with POLL)
The Walking Dead - Episode 3.09 - The Suicide King - Full Set of Promotional Photos
The Walking Dead - Season 3b - On Air Trailer
USD POLL : Which Ended Scifi/Fantasy Show inspired todays tv scifi/fantasy shows the most?

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