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Latest from Fancast - Various Shows - 22nd June 2010

How long is this new boyfriend of Foster’s going to last on ‘Lie To Me’? I want Cal/Gillian, not NewGuy/Gillian! – Hilla
Damn, NewGuy doesn’t even show up until next week and you’re already wishing him gone? For one thing, that’s Dr. NewGuy to you. Two, he’s played by ‘The Unit’s Max Martini. And three: To answer your query, he’s only around for three episodes – though they are scattered throughout this run of new episodes.

Father Jack who? The chemistry between ‘V’s Erica and Hobbes has been more sizzling, from the first second he popped up. Any chance of something happening on that front? – Alexandra
Rest assured that Elizabeth Mitchell shares in your appreciation of Charles Mesure’s addition to the cast. “He’s awesome, isn’t he? When he first came on, I said to [exec producer Scott] Rosenbaum, ‘You need to make this guy a deal, now,’” she told me. As for any Season 2 sexin’, Elizabeth is game to hook up with either Hobbes or Jack. “Maybe it’s just because I’m a woman,” she says, “but I’m up for a little romance!”

Thank you for all the ‘Life Unexpected’ scoops! Keep them coming! – Shelly
Sure thing! It looks like Lux will make like a certain ‘Pretty Little Liar’ and (unwittingly) get hot for a teacher when the CW series returns in the fall. Also, Math (!) is poised to a little lucky – and with a most unexpected person.

I want your opinion: Who was the granny in the ‘Smallville’ finale? – Nadia
Pfft to my opinion. Let’s scrutinize what Tom Welling had to say when I asked him about the conspicuous knitter glimpsed in last month’s season-ender. “The idea of [it being DC Comics villain] Granny Goodness – which they had to explain to me as we were shooting it – I thought was awesome,” says the actor/producer. “I believe she has this group of younger girls who work for her, and I would imagine they’re going to be around this year.” For the uninitiated, Granny Goodness is one of biiiiig baddie Darkseid’s henchpeople, the “girls” are actually known as the “Female Furies,” and that was some detailed “speculation” coming from Tom, no?

I am so confused about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith and Derek. I thought that they did not get married, but only pretended to on a Post-It note. Yet everyone references them as man and wife. Are they really married, and if so when did that happen? – Michele
Trust your instincts: Mer/Der are not legally married. And a formal wedding ‘tween the two is likely never to be seen. “I get why the fans want it; I’d probably want it too if I was just watching,” show boss Shonda Rhimes told EW.com. “But I literally feel sick every time I think about Meredith in a big white poufy dress.”

How is ‘The Closer’s season premiere? – Ronnie
It’s very good, though admittedly not gangbusters. Then again, my opinion is likely colored by the shiny new LAPD Brenda & Co. must now call home. I suspect I loathe the sleek digs as much as deputy chief Johnson does. But the scenery isn’t the only big change coming; keep an eye on Pope when the TNT hit returns July 20.

You are my go-to guy for ‘Royal Pains’ news. Love the idea of seeing Peter Strauss back on TV! Anything else to share? – Camille
The July 22 episode guest-starring Strauss also features Ian Gomez of ABC’s ‘Cougar Town’ as the owner of a lunch wagon that specializes in mac-and-cheese. The name of his business: The Mac Truck. This punster approves!

I’m confused – what happened to Marcia Gay Harden on ‘Royal Pains’? – Louise
The first batch of Season 2 episodes was shot out of order, so the Oscar winner will return later this season. When she does, the show will “humanize Dr. Blair,” says exec producer Michael Rauch.

Bob Orci tweeted that the theme song for CBS’ ‘Hawaii Five-O’ is changing. Please tell me it’s still a variation on the original tune. – Delia
Have no fear, a source at the show assures me the latest riff on the original ‘Five-O’ music is “fabulous. Fans are going to love it.” Me, I just need the hula girls.

I want to like NBC’s ‘Persons Unknown’ but for summertime TV it’s just a bit slow. Should I hold out hope? – Michael
Provided your tune didn’t change after last night’s episode, I’ve got this assurance from Jason Wiles, who plays gruff Joe Tucker: “The s–t hits the fan in, like, Episode 4,” which airs next week.

ABC Family’s ‘Make It Or Break It’ returns next Monday! Got scoop? – Aimee
I hear that romance won’t be exclusive to the young’uns working out at The Rock. Rather, a new “super couple” will emerge among the gr’ups!

Source: Fancast

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